The Weather of the Mind develops and supports proactive, practical and system-based approaches to anxiety, depression, and addiction. To diagnose and treat the culture, not just the individual.

The Mission of The Weather of the Mind: to nurture healthy growth, healthy emotional growth, lifelong growth, by providing resources that encourage people to engage in practical, daily approaches to emotional health.

Through the weekly podcasts, books, pamphlets, and apps, we aim to stimulate and encourage reflection and understanding of the relationship between our emotional health and culture. And by culture, we aim to explore the many various cultural spaces of our life: the culture of our relationships, our families and homes, our schools and workplaces, our places of leisure, of recreation, and reflection.  

Join us in the endeavor by tuning in each week.  Our weekly podcast will be posted on Wed at Noon, EST.  

The show will include solo shows, interviews, and co-hosted shows.