How to Build a Non-Religious Sabbath Ritual

February 17, 2021

Episode # 98
Original Airdate: February 17, 2021
Produced by: Doug Krisch
Length: 30 minutes

((A real solid episode… much food for thought))

The key question I pose to you, the listener:

Growing up, did your family have a weekly day of rest, of recharge?  Was it effective?  What were the best aspects of this day?

In your life now, is there a weekly day of rest?  What is the ritual?  Is it working well?

And looking forward, if you could build a ritual – what elements would you include – music? exercise? cooking? eating? reading? watching a movie?

While this episode is practical in that it is meant to encourage an evaluation of our day of rest, It also drifts (wonderfully) to some deeper questions,  questions that are a relevant in contemporary social debate: how can we develop a nuanced relationship with human’s past, human’s old cultural institutions, and our collective human history?

And of course, I also tell my own story of building a good ‘day-of-rest-and-recharge’ ritual.

Tune in!


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