Biography as “The Life-Long Teacher” – Foundation of Emotional Health, Foundation of Wisdom

August 21, 2019

Episode 045
Original Airdate: August 21, 2019
Produced by: Doug Krisch
Length: 19 minutes

Can the study of Biography be the foundational lesson to the Emotional Health Curriculum we need to build?


Biography Study Questions to Explore
1) who was this person as a child – what shaped them and what were they drawn to?  and away from?  in their early ages.  If much of who we are is set in motion in our first decade, how do we understand these years? Do the characters in these biographies accept their lot in life?  How does it shape them moving forward?
2) How is the transition from childhood to adulthood?
3) What are the blessings and the challenges that appear in a life?  How does one respond to these – these moments display true character?
4) how is the rudder on the boat?  Is the character guided by character traits – which ones?  Or is the character driven by goals – which ones?  And how does this pursuit unfold ? change?
5) How is the character supported by friends and family – and support them in kind?  How is the character alone and perhaps lonely?  How does one deal with this challenge?
6) Does the character seem emotinally well?  Where do they thrive and where do they struggle?
7) Hoes does the character accept the whole of their life – including their aging and their death?
8) What is their legacy?  their epilogue? their tombstone?

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