Episode #108
Original Air Date: 8 February 2023
Produced by: Doug Krisch
Length: 14 minutes
Music sample: Orgachella, Buena Vista Social Club


The Weather of the Mind pod is back! 

This episode features a little meditation on Chaos and Calmness as well as an introduction to this new podcast season.

So happy to be back with you.  I have missed working on pods.  Drop me a line, let me know you are good out there!

Best to you and a Happy Wintertimes to you – –

PS If this show resonates, please share with your people, that is a real help.  Thanks. (plenty of ways to link to social media on the audio player on the weather of the mind page.) (Episode 101 is a great introductory episode to share)

PPS Seriously though, we have no active social media for this podcast.  So word of mouth is extremely helpful.  Old school.